Fill my mouth. I’ll show you what a big load you shot before I swallow it all, promise!


Look how desperate she is to please. Good girl!


Look how desperate she is to please. Good girl!



Kaci Starr get’s a surprise during throatfucking. 

hahahhahaa I can’t stop laughing she’s glazed like a donut

Man whores that puke like that can be hilarious… It’s like she’s so eager to distract the guy that she just puked all over herself and him that she gets back to putting her full effort into being a good little cocksucker.

Humiliating Bitchy Sluts is Better

Women can be very funny about being “used” sexually, meaning for the pleasure of the man. I don’t mean sole pleasure or even that the mans pleasure is necessarily greater in such a situation. For example, when I tell a girl to get on her knees to blow me with no expectation of reciprocation and I hold her by the hair and fuck her mouth until I cum in her mouth or on her face, she could derive a lot of arousal from the situation… And for some girls that can bring them near or even over the threshold of orgasm. But I know and she knows that I’ve used her as a cocksucker and a cumslut.

Anyway, they can be weird about those things. Example: first time this girl blows me and I’m fucking her face, gradually ramping up the throatfucking, I tell her I’m gonna blow my load in her mouth to fuck with her. She’s a bitch in general so I know she’ll refuse, and sure enough, she says “don’t cum in my mouth.” But I keep fucking her face and tell her I’m gonna cum, and what a surprise… She takes my load in he mouth and swallows when she’s told. And the trend continues… Everytime I fuck her mouth (steadily more roughly, fucking her throat and making her gag and choke when I push her down) I treat her like a cumdump slut and she acts all mad… But then sure enough ends up swallowing another load of jizz. Just blew some of it on her face the other day too - I find most girls hate that even more than swallowing. At least with swallowing they can rationalize it as being practical, but when you shoot a load of cum on her face she knows it’s because you want to treat her like a total slut. Anyway, my point is that she (and other women in my experience) might be a bitchy cunt but it is so much fun to treat her like a cumdump whore.

I think I’ll eat some asparagus or something this weekend, I want the next load I blow in her mouth to taste awful. I shoot mouthfuls so I’m sure she’ll notice - I’ll post her response if she says something funny, and if she doesn’t I’ll probably spank her for boring me.

Sir, this dumb pigslut forgot its place and wore clothes today. What's the best punishment for a useless cumrag like me?


The whole “pigslut” thing to me is strange. If you really are a fatass slut then lose some fucking weight - until then I don’t want to see you naked. If you’re actually good looking and not fat then take off the whole “pig” part, I have more than enough ways to degrade you without calling you a pig, believe me.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing if the stupid bitch is begging you to humiliate her?

I like a bit of both but I prefer taking a slut who’s genuinely humiliated by what you make her beg for. More real and more satisfying. Love taking a girl to a level where she embraces the humiliation with a reluctance, and that reluctance and tension turns her on further.

Honestly, I get bored with sluts where it is clear they are just eager to take any and all kind of abuse you dish out AND are dead emotionally in their response. More interesting when she has a real reaction to it.